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At GSFC University, our Foundation Course isn't just another class - it's the cornerstone of our students’ collegiate journey. Designed to empower students with a holistic education, both on and off-campus, this immersive experience lays the groundwork for success in every aspect of life. The course is meticulously designed to provide newly admitted students with a comprehensive education, emphasizing various aspects of both on-campus and off-campus life. Introduced in the first semester of undergraduate programs, this initiative aims to shape versatile individuals who can enrich society, navigate diverse environments and excel as nimble problem-solvers and strategic thinkers across various domains.

Introduced in the academic year 2028-19, our Foundation Course is a beacon of innovation, tailored to the unique ethos of GSFC University. With 2 credits to its name, this month-long program delves deep into seven vital themes, each curated to ignite passion, creativity and critical thinking.

Over four weeks, students dive into more than 85 engaging sessions, including more than 35 Expert Sessions led by industry titans and seasoned professionals. From the art of Fireless Cooking to the intricacies of AI Ethics, our curriculum spans the spectrum, ensuring students emerge as well-rounded, socially conscious individuals ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

But it's not just about lectures - it's about experiences. Through hands-on activities and immersive workshops, students develop essential life skills, foster teamwork and explore their creative potential. Whether it's a heart-pounding Treasure Hunt or a soul-soothing Yoga session, every moment is an opportunity for growth and discovery. In the Foundation Course, a standout feature is the delivery of lectures by distinguished members of the University's Governing Board and Board of Management. It serves as an engaging platform where students can directly engage with these eminent figures.

Our Foundation Course isn't just about filling minds; it's about nurturing hearts and souls. With a focus on values, ethics and social awareness, we empower students to become compassionate leaders, driving positive change in their communities and beyond.

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