The University dazzled with its 6th Foundation Course, a four-week extravaganza for the fresh faces of the 2023–24 batch, running from 1st to 27th January, 2024. This program was an absolute style statement, covering everything from haute couture fine arts to street-chic traffic discipline and from Zen-like Yoga to must-have Basic Life Skills.

The content of the course was a fabulous mosaic, offering students a panoramic view of life itself, all while guiding them on their journey to career stardom. To nail the objectives, a star-studded lineup of experts from various fields strutted their stuff, delivering sessions on Empathy, Nature, Zumba, Yoga, Basic Life Skills, Dramebaaz (Theatre), Smile Please (Photography), Cleanliness, Treasure Hunt (Know About GSFCU), Social Connect, Village Visit, Elocution Competition cum Public Speaking, Entrepreneurship, Once Upon a Time (Story Telling), Supply Chain Management, Pursuit of Happiness, Research & Project Based Learning, Heartfulness, Left Right Left (NCC), Ethics In AI, Software Life Cycle, Introduction to Constitution, Synergy, Vibrant Gujarat, Gallo (Personal Finance), Mind Your Drive (Traffic Rules & Regulations), Fireless Cooking, Kaizen & 5S, Contribution of Youth in Viksit Bharat, Concept of Quality and Life Skills.

A grand total of 89 sessions were curated, with the expertise of 33 external trendsetters and 6 internal academic experts. It was a full house, with a whopping 788 undergraduate trendsetters from three Schools of the University embarked on this exhilarating journey of self-discovery and growth.

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