The University conducted its 4th Foundation Course, a lively affair spanning two weeks for the trendy new cohort of students enrolled in 2021–22, from 18th to 31st December, 2021. To elevate the Foundation Course experience to new heights, a curated lineup of experts from various fields led captivating sessions. From embracing "Failure as a Stepping Stone to Success" to mastering "Kaizen," and navigating "Traffic and Discipline on the Road," students delved into a diverse array of transformative topics. The program also explored the art of "Creating Own Space and Being Relevant" and offered insights into "Understanding Savings and Investments for Personal Wealth Creation." Students were empowered to tackle life's challenges fearlessly and meet with visionary entrepreneurs. The curriculum touched upon vital themes like "Values and Ethics," "Mind Over Matter," and "Heartfulness and Meditation," while also indulging in creative pursuits such as "Storyboarding" and "Mono Print." Vibrant activities like "Zumba," "First Aid Training," and an awareness session on "Fire and Safety" added an element of excitement. A visit to Samaj Suraksha Sankul, a residential and support institute for visually impaired, physically challenged and children in need of protection and care, further nurtured a sense of empathy among students. Categorizing sessions into Enabling Interaction, Engagement, Enhancing Awareness and Emotional Connect, a total of 366 undergraduate students from three Schools of the University embarked on this glamorous journey of self-discovery and growth.

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