The University dazzled with its dynamic 5th Foundation Course, a captivating event spanning two weeks for the incoming batch of students enrolled in 2022–23, held from 10th to 21st April, 2023. To elevate the Foundation Course experience, a curated lineup of experts from diverse fields led captivating sessions. From mastering "Becoming a Disaster Manager" to delving into "Water Resource Challenges and Opportunities," students delved into a plethora of transformative topics. The program also explored "Team Building Activities," "Social Connect," and the art of "Discipline as a Critical Life Skill," fostering personal and professional growth. Vital sessions on "Traffic Awareness" and "First Aid" ensured students were equipped with essential life skills. Embracing creativity, students indulged in activities like "Art of Articulation & Public Speaking," "Millets in Modern Times," and "One Stroke Painting," while also exploring the realms of "Storyboarding" and "Photography/Editing." Vibrant activities like "Zumba" and "Heartfulness Sessions" added an element of excitement and well-being. Categorizing sessions into Enabling Interaction, Engagement, Enhancing Awareness, and Emotional Connect, a record-breaking 495 undergraduate students from three Schools of the University embarked on this exhilarating journey of self-discovery and growth.

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