The University dazzled with its dynamic 3rd Foundation Course, a dynamic two-week affair for the trendy new cohort of students enrolled in 2020–21, running from 23rd August to 4th September, 2021. Elevating the Foundation Course experience to the next level, a roster of experts from diverse fields curated an enticing lineup of sessions. From mastering "Mind Management" to igniting "Self-Drive Your Career," and exploring the art of "Storyboards" and "Mono Prints," every moment was a journey of discovery. The program delved into the realms of positivity with "Being Positive - Seeing Challenges," and tackled vital topics like "Road Safety" and "First Aid." Students were treated to enriching experiences in "Heartfulness," "Origami," and "Yoga Stress-Relieving Exercises," while also embracing the power of "Dance with Fitness" and "Karate for Self-Defense." Engaging discussions on "Life and Literature" and practical insights in "Placement Talks" rounded off this transformative experience. With sessions categorized into Body, Mind, Intellect, and Soul, a total of 253 undergraduates from three Schools of the University embraced this chic journey of holistic growth.

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